Engine Broke Portland Sell Car For Cash

Sell your car for cash if the engine breaks in Portland

I’m sure you’ve been in the the situation where you were driving down the road in your reliable car and all of a sudden you a hear a pop or bang and the car just shuts off while you try to coast it to the shoulder of the road. As you get out of your vehicle to inspect what happened you notice steam pouring from the engine while it makes a hissing sound. First thing you should do is find a way to move your vehicle to a safe place that won’t cause and accident and where the City of Portland won’t tow it away causing yourself a spendy impound bill. Call Triple A and if you don’t have AAA then you should call a reputable Portland Towing Company that won’t charge you an arm and a leg to haul your vehicle where you want it.

In most cases I wouldn’t recommend taking your automobile to a mechanic because they are going to charge you to diagnose it and then after the find the problem they will charge you a hefty fee to fix it and by the time you get it out of the mechanic shop you would have spent more on your car then it’s even worth. If you decide to tow it to your house and sell the parts off of it then you have the hassle of cleaning up the mess, storing the parts in a place big enough that’s not going to get in your way, and finding a buy for each of the parts.

To be honest with you the fastest way to handle the problem is to sell it to a company that will pay you cash for cars. Look for a company that offers Free quotes over the phone, Free Towing, and who pays in cash for cars. If you find a company that wants to pay you check then run for the hills because their are a lot of companies that want to scam you out of your cash. There is another thing if you find a company that wont give you a quote over the phone I wouldn’t deal with them either because chances are they will show up and try to offer you a super low price for your car. Don’t get scammed out of your hard earned car cash get the money you deserve and go through a company you can trust.

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