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Get $50 to $5000 CASH TODAY for your Running or Junk Car

Its come to my attention that alot of vehicles in apartment complexes around the Portland area are being towed away at the owners expense for many reasons. Bad Registration, oil or tranny leaks, flat tires, or they were just left there. You are responsible for your junk car in the citys eyes.

Unwanted Car in Apartment Complex

It can cost you alot of money in impound fee if your vehicle is towed away by the apartment complex. If you dont get the vehicle out of impound within a certain amount of time you will be charged a large bill by the time they dispose of it. If you do decide to get it back where are you going to put it? Back at the same apartment complex it just got towed from more then likely.

Would you rather lose your vehicle to the apartment complex or sell it to us for a good junk car price? We will get you Cash for Junk Cars Portland. As always when vehicles are sold through us there is no towing fee.
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